Name Description
Acupuncture The insertion of fine stainless steel needles (disposable) into acupuncture points located along meridian pathways.
Traditional Chinese Herbal Supplements The application of Chinese herbs, specifically to the symptom of the patients, to promote natural healing.
EPFX Biofeedback scanning and therapy BIOFEEDBACK is includes, but not limited to relaxation, increasing muscle flexibility, increasing blood flow, decreasing blood pressure, lowering heart rate, increasing blood oxygenation, lowering stress levels and pain reduction using approved biofeedback devices.“Bio”? is the Greek prefix meaning “life”. Feedback is a term for receiving information on current behavior. Biofeedback is used to influence or modify future behavior. Thus biofeedback is the process in which a client is given information about specific body events through the use of instrumentation. The advantages are obvious: non-invasive, non-drug therapy, and preventative value.Biofeedback is a method which teaches subjects to control bodily functions, such as heart rate, blood pressure, headache, pain, and muscle tension through a process which includes conditioning, feedback instrumentation, behavior modification, and adaptation mechanisms. With biofeedback, the individual can increase awareness and learn self-regulation of some bodily functions.
EIS SCAN EIS stands for Electro Intestitial Scan. 
The EIS System (a.k.a. "EIS"; Electro Interstitial Scan,): a unique hardware/software computerized system that applies precise algorithms and proprietary formulas to generate on-screen, 3-D modeling representations of the human body's organs and organ systems; with specific intended uses: : 
  • Monitoring of: life style, nutrition, micro-nutrition, and estimated parameters of body composition.
  • Monitoring of treatments for select diseases
  • Adjunct to conventional diagnosis of ADHD children

Time tested by European medical professions for more than ten years in over 1500 clinics and hospitals, the EIS offers today’s health practitioners an unparalleled, non-invasive assessment of their client’s physiology.

In just three minutes, a complete analysis and dynamic 3D display is presented showing color-coded images of your top risks and organ health. And learning the system couldn’t be simpler. You’ll be confidently navigating the system in less time than an hour.

When it comes to getting it right the first time, you need the right system. The EIS can detect 69 parameters of the Human Body with an astounding 89% clinical accuracy!

Multiple Labs in One Box
Everyone is pressed for time and in need of instant answers. The EIS quickly measures hormones, minerals, pH, blood gases, neurological function, neurotransmitter values, lymphatic health, spine density and nutrition in just minutes. No need to wait for the results or visit numerous labs.

Cupping The application of cups to the surface of the body to alleviate pain.
Gua Sha A rubbing technique on the skin to alleviate pain.
Tui-Na/Shiatsu a form of massage characterized by gentle but vigorous push, press, grasp, rub, vibrate, drag, squeeze, twist and tap techniques.
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